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  • Alcotec 24-Hour Turbo Yeast
    $7.39 Alcotec 24-Hour Turbo Yeast
    Distiller's Yeast, 205 Grams.   A high alcohol & temperature tolerant dual function yeast complete with needed nutrients.   Yields up to 14% alcohol in just 24 hours.   Yields 23 liters...

  • Alcotec 48-hour Turbo Yeast
    $6.75 Alcotec 48-Hour Turbo Yeast
    Distiller's Yeast, 135 Grams.   Alcotec 48-Hour Turbo Yeast is a mixture of dry distiller's yeast and yeast nutrients designed for super-fast fermentations that produce high alcohol content. The recipes...

  • $7.50 Distillers Yeast, 1lb
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  • Stir Bar
    $6.50 Stir Bar - 30mm L X 7mm O.D.
    Length 1.2"

  • White Labs Yeast Nutrient WLN1000
    $8.50 White Labs Yeast Nutrient
    Used to increase the health of yeast. Improves fermentation and re-pitching performance. Contains diammonium phosphate, essential vitamins and co-factors, nitrogen (amino acids, proteins, and peptides) and minerals...