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Washers, Rinsers, Drainers

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  • bottle tree
    $28.55 45 Bottle Tree Drainer
    All plastic, non-rotating.

  • Adapter for Stainless Steel Bottle Washer
    $5.59 Adapter for Stainless Steel Bottle Washer
    Faucet adapter for Stainless Steel Bottle Washer Remove old aerator from the faucet. For inside threaded spout, use adapter with both rubber washers. For outside threaded faucet use only one washer...

  • All-metal bottle washer faucet adaptor
    $4.59 All Metal Faucet Adaptor
    For Fermtech bottle washer, brass bottle washer, and premium wort chiller...

  • Brass Bottle Washer
    $16.50 Brass Bottle & Carboy Washer
    Attaches to faucet, garden hose thread.

  • Buon Vino Spray Wand
    $16.59 Buon Vino Spray Wand
    A handy bottle and carboy cleaning wand which connects to standard faucets with a hose adaptor (included).   It is a 20" rod, connected to 4' of FDA approved tubing, and sprays water from the tip at high pressure...

  • Carboy Dryer, Aqua Stakka
    $8.99 Carboy Dryer
    Holds carboys upside down to drain & dry.

  • Double Blast Bottle Washer
    $28.00 Double Blast Bottle Washer
    Rinses 2 bottles at ones, using 1/3 the water. Attaches to faucet w/ hose, sits on sink bottom. 160 deg F max water temp.

  • FastRack Beer Bottle Rack
    $16.95 $15.00 FastRack Beer Bottle Rack
    FastRack is a bottle storage and draining tool that offers improved stability, sanitation, and space management compared to traditional, tree-shaped bottle drainers. Each FastRack Beer rack has 24 holes, sized to fit almost...

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