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  • Bramling Cross Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    $1.99 Bramling Cross Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    Bramling Cross has a very distinctive 'American' aroma. It is often used as a general-purpose kettle hop for a small proportion of the hop grist. However, the variety has also been used to provide a special fruity character...

  • Cascade Hop Pellets
    $2.15 Cascade (US) Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    (American) Flowery and Citrusy can have grapefuit notes. Primarily a flavor and aroma finishing hop. A favorite for American Ales and Lagers. Average Alpha: 3.2-6...

  • Cascade whole leaf hops
    $2.25 Cascade Whole Leaf, 1oz
    Packaged in a nitrogen-purged foil pack to ensure freshness Average Alpha % 8.0

  • Centennial Hop Pellets
    $2.60 Centennial (US) Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    (American) Floral and citrus tones, medium intensity. This hop used to be called CFJ90, AKA "Super Cascade" For Medium to Dark American Ales. Average Alpha:9.5-11...

  • Challenger Hop Pellets
    $2.25 Challenger (UK) Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    Challenger presents a useful balance of alpha percent and aroma character. This versatile kettle hop can be used late or as a dry hop, although full advantage is not then taken of its higher alpha content. It has a...

  • Chinook Hop Pellets
    $2.25 Chinook (US) Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    Primarily for bittering strong flavor, spicy, piney distinctive grapefruit. Sometimes used for strong aroma. Average Alpha:11.0 - 14.0%

  • Citra Hop Pellets
    $1.99 $1.79 Citra (US) Hop Pellets 1 oz
    One of the most popular citrus hops on the market. Citrus flavors of lime, grapefruit and other tropical fruits. 11-14% alpha.

  • Chinook Hop Pellets
    $2.00 Cluster (US) Hop Pellets, 1 oz
    American. Primarily a mild bittering hop. Floral and spicy. Average Alpha:5-8%