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Cleaning Chemicals

  • B-Brite
    $3.00 B-Brite Cleanser, 8 oz tub
    Dissolve one tablespoon of B-BRITE™ per gallon of warm water. Wash equipment with B-BRITE™ solution and then rinse with clear cold water. Cleans with active oxygen. Does not contain chlorine or...

  • Campden Tablets, Potassium Metabisulphite
    $3.39 Campden Tablets 2 Oz Vial
    Approximately 110 tablets Made with Potassium Metabisulfite 1 tablet per gallon equals 30 ppm free SO2 each tablet .5g

  • $10.49 Five Star Sani-Clean, 16 oz container
    Saniclean is a low foaming acid anionic final rinse, designed to be no-rinse if used under 200 ppm. In use by pro brewers for years as a low-foaming alternative to products such as Star San, this final rinse creates an...

  • $12.50 Five Star Star San - 8 Ounces
    Star San is a self-foaming acid sanitizer.  A blend of phosphoric acid and dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid.   Can be used as a no-rinse sanitizer if used under 300 ppm.  (1 Ounce per 5 Gallons = 300...